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The FitExpo 2017 is fuelled by Body Power, Asia’s largest sport, fitness and nutrition trade show organiser, attracting thousands of key buyers, distributors and manufacturers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and UAE.

BodyPower is a global fitness brand, inspiring millions around the world to become fitter and healthier. Launched in the UK in 2009, BodyPower is a well-known fitness media business with events happening all over the globe. Their live events attract thousands of fitness enthusiasts keeping them educated and engaged throughout the year.

In Asia, they have the hugely popular BodyPower Expo in Mumbai. World’s top athletes visit their shows including celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood, like Hulk Hogan, Salman Khan, John Abraham, etc.

BodyPower has well over 1,000 ambassadors all over the country motivating people to be fit and healthy, and these numbers are constantly growing.